We are always looking for top talent to come and join our award winning company!

Even though we are extremely target driven and performance focused, we pride ourselves that we are always looking at bettering the work-life balance in our offices.
We value our PEOPLE.

What we will do for our people:
  • We will train you in professional recruitment
  • We will provide you with the tools, coaching and support to make the difference and be the best in the business
  • We will ensure that you work with people that have positive energy and that make you smile every day and see the opportunities rather than the problems
  • We will give you the opportunity to deal with all levels of corporate management including senior management and to develop your people, communication and interaction skill

Do you also want an opportunity to work for
Communicate Personnel?
Take your recruiter career to the next level! Interested?

Openings available in:
GAUTENG: Werner: wsaayman@communicate.co.za
CAPE TOWN: Mathilda: hr@communicate.co.za
DURBAN: Morne: msteffens@communicate.co.za

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