Candidate Profile: HEAD OF FINANCE (CFO)
Area: Johannesburg North
Salary Required: R2 000 000 - R2 300 000 CTC per annum

A brilliant and experience CA(SA), with over 15 years of senior management experience within both JSE listed and Multinational companies. Being a diverse individual that adapts to any environment and contributes to cost cutting, increasing profits as well as BEE regulation changes. Being an adaptable candidate, he has gained experience in Pharmaceutical, Mining and Construction. Some of his career achievements stand at:

  • Securing his organisation R 300 Million for working capital facilities.
  • Setting up local CFC accounts and saved R 28 Million in potential forex exchange losses during COVID-19.
  • Introduced R 15 Million for cost saving initiatives to mitigate losses during a 6-month period.
  • Implemented long term cash flows for the group.
  • Secured R 200 Million IDC working capital and R 400 Million in Asset based finance.

An individual that can add tremendous value to any organisation, that is keen to keep building themselves in a tough market.

He is available to chat on Ms Teams to have a virtual coffee chat and give a bit more on his overall portfolio and profile.

Consultant Name: Jaymal Nagar
Telephone Number: 087-351-3914