Candidate Profile: GENERAL MANAGER
Salary Required: R1 320 000 CTC Annually

This highly recommended professional has 22 year’s management experience in the industry, having worked his way up from a Diesel Mechanic to a Workshop Manager to General Manager, this individual understands any logistics company from blue collar to white collar. He has been awarded his Transport Management Diploma, and with this, he has been successful in all his roles. At his current role, he has gone the extra mile in terms of achievements. In a logistics support services fleet total cost of ownership project, there was a R11, 2 million saving and ROI of 34% over a five-year period. He also handle a Materials Handling Equipment TCO project, with a R4 million annual saving. He did a Logistics Support Services line haul tender for National Brands, and was awarded a three-year contract and achieved R22.2 million saving. He also achieved a Fuel Consumption improvement of 8%. This individual will stream line your business and take it to the next level.

Consultant Name: Leandra Nippold
Telephone Number: 031 584 7950