3 reasons why you should learn how to code


world codeLearning how to code is something most millennials swear by!  You are not a millennial and are wondering if this is something you should learn? Or you might feel that your line of work does not require you to 'code' so you'll pass. Before I explain why you should learn how to code, let me tell you this: Code is a language spoken by billions of people every day and you should be able to understand it even if you are not a programmer.

Coding underpins everything done on computers, smartphones and cars to mention a few. The digital era we live in makes it pivotal to understand the basics of programming irrespective of which industry you are in. Not convinced? Here is why you need to learn the basics of code even though you are not a programmer. 

It will improve your logical thinking
Learning how to code is one of the smartest moves you can make in this modern world. You will get to understand how computers work and you will be better at problem solving. Your approach towards a project will chance and how you view computers among other things will change. This is because coding is technical and requires you to think.  Look at it this way: In order to communicate with the computer, your thoughts have to be logical and this way of thinking will sharpen your reasoning.

Coding is for every industry
No industry is immune to technology and its advancements, whether you are in agriculture, engineering, finance or medicine.  However, remember you are not learning code to transform your industry or entire office but just enough to simplify your life so you understand what's going on around you and are able to communicate as well as keep abreast with global trends.  Statistics show that 90% of jobs in the future will require code knowledge so you are better off knowing than refusing to learn. Take HTML language for example, it is the fundamental technology behind everything you see in a web browser. How many times a day do you visit a search engine? Do you understand the commands you are giving the search engine and how to accurately find information you require?

Software is automating the world
Look around you. Apps now manage nearly every aspect of our lives, personally and professionally. The famous software engineer - Marc Andreessen said:  'software is eating the world.' Now, automation is going to eat the world. This is because businesses are increasingly doing their work online. The demand for custom software has never been higher and the notion that traditional IT departments will be able to keep pace is laughable.

In this context, learning how to code does not restrict you to a career in technology but rather a way of enhancing your current career, skills, or interests you already have. This is important because thousands of companies across industries are relying on technology to power their business operations and you do not want this wave to pass you by. In the famous words of Steve Jobs: 'everybody in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.' Now go ahead and acquaint yourself with the basics of coding. You will thank yourself later!

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