4 things you need to know about recruitment agencies

Recruitment blog. Image 4.pngJob searching can be intimidating and deciding if you want to involve a recruiter can be a daunting decision, especially if you do not have sound understanding on how they operate. Here is what you need to know about recruitment agencies if you are considering using one in your next job search.

Specialize vs general
Like all industries that deliver a service to people you need to do your homework before selecting a recruitment agency to assist you with your job search. It's important that the consultants you work with are highly skilled and experienced to match you to a specific position, according to the employers' expectations and corporate culture fit. Recruitment agencies can be either specialists or generalist in the market.

Specialist agencies like Communicate Recruitment focus on specific sectors, which means that we will have more knowledge of your industry, the salaries on offer and connections with various hiring managers as we work solely in these niches. 

Generalist on the other hand cover jobs in many different industries and usually have a large pool of candidates to draw from. However, they often don't have specialized job or more senior positions that require a specific skill.

Recruitment agencies do not charge a thing
South Africa is grappling with a massive employment deficit and jobs are hard to find, scammers know this very well and take advantage of it by asking you to pay a certain fee in exchange for a 'job' that might not even exist. As a candidate, it's important to know that legit recruitment agencies will not charge you anything when you decide to work with them. Their fees are paid by the company that hires you when they have placed you, meaning they get paid when they get you a job. All you have to do is be a great candidate!

Focused interviews
There is nothing more tedious like going to an interview and realizing that you do not even qualify for the job, luckily when you work with recruiters you will get interviews that are closely aligned to your skills. A good recruitment agency works closely with their candidates, spending a lot of time understanding your skills, qualifications and accomplishments and what is important to you in your career.  

Recruitment agencies are more than platforms that let you register your CV. They'll help you every step of the way. More often than not, it's however not a good idea to enlist the help of too many agencies. At Communicate Recruitment, our most successful relationships are with those candidates who work with us exclusively. Why do we say this?

We want you to have control of where your CV is going and whom you are being introduced to. You can't keep track, if you are letting too many recruiters introduce you to the market. We are all about professionalism, and not having control over your job applications and the companies your CV is being sent to looks bad for you as a candidate.

Ultimately, the choice is yours if you choose to work with recruiters or not. We hope you decide to work with us.

If you are looking for a recruitment agency that specializes in Engineering, Finance, IT, Supply Chain or Freight, then we are looking for you too. Our consultants are ready to help take your career to the next level! Visit our website and apply today.