5 Factors to consider before changing jobs

keyboardJob searching can be stressful, but a well-prepared job seeker is likely to find the process a lot easier to deal with. If you are thinking about changing jobs, here is what you need to think about first that could make your job search process smoother.

1. Think about why you want to leave
Think about your reasons for changing jobs carefully. Scrutinise them. Why do you want to leave? How is this move going to benefit you and your career in the future? Is it related to your skills not being fully utilised or unruly colleagues? Are they worth you leaving your job? Is it money perhaps? Asking these questions will clarify your intentions of job searching. Maybe you do not need to job search but start your own small consultancy firm or you just need to be moved to a different office.

2. Assess yourself
Once you have decided that you really want a 'new job', the next logical step is to assess yourself. Do you know who you are? Do you understand what you like, what you can and cannot do? Your personality, strengths and plain interests? Assessing yourself will help you determine your value.

3. Value
Knowing what value you are to your current employer and of what value you will be to your next employer can be a game changer. Your current employer might have you focused on one task and not be using all your skills. Think long and hard about the value you will be bringing to your next employer and the value you currently hold that you might not be actively using.

4. Where are you going to job search?
Once you have decided that you are a worthy employee and you deserve better. Decide then, as to where you are going to search for this 'job.' Are you going to use your network, a recruitment company, job boards, or social media? You might want to subscribe to job alerts in your industry while you're at it.

5. Do not give them a reason to doubt you
Once you have decided on your platform. Clean up your profile. It's a given that your potential employer will be interested in more than what is just stated on your resume. They will google you and view your social media profiles, are they in good standing? Keep your profiles and resumes that are searchable by employers clean and professional.  

Do not make it hard for employers to find what they are looking for. Only include information that is relevant to the job you are applying for, take things like the format into consideration and make sure you highlight the value you can add. And when you are finally ready to job search, be sure to visit our website first. 

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