5 things to remember about your office party

Picture1.jpgThe office holiday party can feel like a social minefield, you want to have fun and enjoy the free food and beverages, but, at the same time, you want to be conscious of the fact that your colleagues and top management will be there. Tedious as this may sound, but many employees forget to behave in an appropriate manner while at an office party, and more often than not, they always get in trouble for their behaviour, costing them precious relationships and even their jobs. Here are 5 tips to bear in mind when attending an office holiday party:

Hierarchy matters
There is a chain of commands and even in a social space that will not change, of course you should make conversation with the big bosses - it's a good idea to introduce yourself to top management but don't now think you are best friends or you can suddenly say anything you want to them.

Careful with what you say
This is a simple enough rule to follow: if you do not say it in the office, don't say it at the office party, before you say anything, ask yourself if you would say it in the workspace, if not then don't. Bear in mind that what you say at the office party will not necessarily stay at the office party.

Don't invite friends
Be sure to read the invitation carefully so you know the company policy on guests, sometimes spouses and dates are included, but many companies have budgetary restrictions. 

Go easy on alcohol
If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation and limit yourself to one or two drinks, also enjoy the food at the party, but avoid looking like a glutton. 

Careful with those selfies
We all like to document those fun moments with a couple of snaps of you and your coworkers having fun. But just make sure you have others persmission and avoid embarrasing photos. It's fine to take selfies with your office pals as long as the other people agree. Never post anything on social media without asking everyone in the picture first. You should always respect people’s privacy.

Make the most of it
Ultimately, it is a party and it ought to be enjoyed. So put your phone away for a second, mingle and get to know your colleagues a little better. See it is as a chance to let loose from the office for a while and at the end do show some gratitude towards party organizers and your boss.