6 Ways to Manage Up

leader-with-idea-light-bulb-head.pngManaging up’ is the best approach for getting more exciting projects, more responsibility and new opportunities. Some people think ‘managing up’ is being a people pleaser, but in fact, a lot of it is about advancing the team performance.

It is about you caring for your team, the goals you want to accomplish and improving the work environment. Here are six ways to make that happen:

Know what matters to your boss
If your manager is a numbers person then calculate all your results. Know which numbers matter most. If your manger is a ‘customer-comes-first’ kind of guy, frame all your results in terms of benefits to the customers. Make sure you understand the goals you and your team have set and matter to your boss.

Say no
Say yes to the things that matter most to your manager. Say no to everything else and your manager will appreciate that you are focused on the team’s objectives. Bear in mind that your boss doesn’t always know everything you’ve got on your plate. If you do get roped into other projects, make sure you prioritize your teams work.

Discuss upfront with you manager the best way to communicate. The generation gap in many organizations means it’s necessary to establish a communication platform that everybody is comfortable with. Manager baby boomers might prefer more face to face communication, while Gen -Y leans more toward digital communication.  Make sure everybody agrees on the best way to ensure good communication within the team.

Highlight the team accomplishments
Each time you do something that impacts the company, let your manager know. Send a congratulation e-mail to your team and copy the management team if big projects went through. This not only draws attention to your team success but also to your leadership skills and will reflect positively on your manager.

Look for new responsibilities
Find important gaps in your department before your manager notice them. Take responsibility for filling those cracks and your manager will appreciate not only your foresight, but also your ability to do more than your job. Make sure your official job duties don’t lack while taking on more.

Be interested
Remember to make time to read and listen to the latest news in your industry. Then ask relevant questions. You will make yourself more knowledgeable to be around, and you will bring forth fresh ideas to projects. Your manager will feel like having you on the team improves everyone’s work, even his own.

If you feel like your current job isn’t allowing you to ‘manage up’ and develop your skills, let us help you climb your career ladder.

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Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net by Feelart