Adapting to the job market

group-business-people.jpgIn today's job market, it's crucial to adapt and evolve to survive the changing work environment. Change is inevitable, so be ready when the time comes to move on and move up.

Here are some tips to help you face the challenges so you can adapt:

Be responsible for your own career
Always be on the lookout for career-building projects, but don't wait to be asked. Neither employers nor recruiters can be held accountable for your career, you should take responsibility. Employers can no more guarantee you a job for life, then you can guarantee those years of loyalty. The most enjoyable careers develop when you achieve more interesting and challenging, projects. These projects expand your skills and capabilities, allowing you to continuously develop yourself up to excellence.

Keep learning
Being mentored is one way to identify your weakness and by knowing this, you can focus on improving your career. But mentoring isn't just about older employees showing younger colleagues the ropes. Anyone can learn from anyone else – regardless of age, background or gender for that matter without any limitations.

Update your skills. Be like a sponge and soak everything up.

Mastering a new skill will make you more viable and open up diverse opportunities from different industries for you.

Grow your network circle
Contacts will drive work your way, so it makes sense to stay connected and relevant, by passing on useful leads and information. Online networking is instant, being active online in your network when you aren't looking for leads will make it easier to ask for help when you need it.

Be prepared to adapt and relocate
Be open to all opportunities and try to a have temporary projects on the side, if necessary. Flexibility in location or career choice will widen your possibilities. Don't make decisions based on the "spur of the moment", figure out the challenges and take the chance!

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