Adopting wining habits in your career

hand-pressing-success.jpgOld habits can be hard to break, but that's no reason not to try and replace them with better ones.

Whether you're just starting out in the professional world or you're already established and would like to improve yourself, the new habits you form now will serve as direct indicators for your success later on.

Nothing replaces persistence. There is no way you can avoid failure in life. J K Rowling once said that you can't avoid failure and if you live your life so cautiously that you can never fail, then you really never lived, which makes you a failure by default.

In the work place we often seem to forget this value. It's easy to get discouraged when you continually strive to achieve something and it doesn't work out. However, when we are persistent, we act with conviction and that energy draws us toward those people and events that help our dreams come to fruition

Successful people never make excuses and blame outside circumstances. They understand that if life were to get easier, they would need to get better. The reality is, stuff happens; as you go through life you will encounter many problems and setbacks. You need to react positively to the negative stuff and move forward toward your goals, dreams and career success.

Measuring progress
Like all other goals, you must be able to measure your progress toward your objectives. Sure, it's easy to measure your progress if you're named CEO of your company within a few years of working for them.

Unfortunately, even if you are on the "fast track" to promotion, your progress typically will be less obvious than an immediate rise to senior leadership positions. Most career advancement is a bit slower and more systematic.

Measuring progress may indicate you need more training, experience or effort. Measurements may also indicate that you're proceeding quite effectively toward your career goals. Get in the habit of measuring yourself, it will help you to reach new heights in your career.

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