Advantages to starting a new job or hiring at the end of the year.

We're all looking forward to the end of the year but some are contemplating on changing jobs during November or December. There are also hiring managers wondering if it is a good idea to hire now. We hope to assist you in this decision with a few pros to help prompt you to make the move now, rather than later.

If you're a candidate looking for a new opportunity, now is probably the best time to move.

  1. It's tactically better to change jobs during this period
  2. You can get your training/admin out the way during this downtime period
  3. Your office is generally quieter so you get the chance to learn new systems, the way things are done and the new company culture
  4. You aren't competing with other candidates (or as many candidates as you would be in January/February)
  5. Traffic is a breeze and dress code is generally casual and as is the office environment


Hiring now also has its benefits

  1. You get your training or induction out the way early
  2. Your new starts get used to the environment now so come January, they are able to hit the ground running
  3. You get candidates which take their career seriously and are immediately available
  4. You don't have to wait until January / February to finish off the hiring process
  5. Recruitment budget – you have a hiring budget that you haven't used yet. You may not have the budget when you need it come the New Year. Get your team ready while you still can.

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