Are high performers influencing your business negatively?

board-751991_640.pngAre high performers actually the ones responsible for wrecking overall performance in your team? It’s a challenging notion for any business that spends big on resourcing and developing their best people. For decades, companies have tried to motivate people with money even though research has shown time and time again that money erodes social connectiveness.

Business leader and former CEO of five organizations, Margaret Heffernan challenges the notion of competitiveness in the work place. She makes the case for investing in the power of relationships and the positive impact that brings to the work culture. According to Margaret companies don’t need superstars, it needs social capital.

 “…when the going gets tough, and it always will get tough if you’re doing breakthrough work that really matters, what people need is social support, and they need to know who to ask for help. Companies don’t have ideas; only people do. And what motivates people are the bonds and loyalty and trust they develop between each other. What matters is the mortar, not just the bricks.”

Take the time to watch this TED video, it will change the way you think not only about team work but leadership and how to really drive productivity and happiness in the work place.

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“It's only when we accept that everybody has value that we will liberate the energy, imagination and momentum we need to create the best beyond measure.”

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