Are You Asking the Interviewer the Right Questions?

question-mark.pngYou start to feel a little at ease as you realize your job interview is coming to an end, especially if you think you've answered the questions with self-assurance. But when the interviewer (s) asks: "Do you have any questions for us?" What goes through your head? Do you want to say NO? Think again!

Asking the right interview questions can help you get a better idea about the role and is a great way for you to show your interest in the job. After all, it is important to determine if the job is the right fit for you too.

Do you know what questions you should be asking your interviewer? Remember the questions you ask should relate to the position you are being interviewed for, think carefully about their relevance before the interview.

Branch Manager for Engineering, Sarah Kirkman, shares her expertise on what questions every candidate should be asking in an interview.  

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In preparing your questions for the interview, also keep the following in mind.

  • Ask realistic questions!
  • Don't make the questions too complex

Asking interview questions can be challenging and a little intimidating. However, it is very important that you do ask questions to get clarity regarding the position. Who knows, maybe it could add credibility and increase your chances of landing the job. One more thing, before walking into that interview, keep in mind that how you dress is just as important for success at any job interview.

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