Are you falling out of love with your job?

The romance between you and your job may not last forever. Initially you have a passion for what you do, how you do it, and the team around you. 

Over time, you may begin to feel that passion fade away. How can you pick up that you are falling out of love with your job? What are the signs? How can you prevent it? – 

Or should you even try prevent it?

Most of us work a normal 40 hour week and if you're unhappy in your job it may end up affecting your output, your attitude towards your co-workers and your mental and physical health.

Here are signs that you may be falling out of love with your job or career:

  1. The job you initially felt enthusiastic about now just seems draining and chore-like.
  2. Your engagement levels have dropped to an all-time low and it feels like you're running on autopilot.
  3. You're not interested in socialising with colleagues and don't feel like being a team player anymore.
  4. You constantly feel bored and that you're going nowhere slowly (and that's not alright).
  5. Your levels of stress, anxiety and health have started deteriorating.

If you can check one or more of the boxes then you may need to see what to do or how you can fix it (if you should).

1.       Recognise what's making you unhappy.

If you used to wake up feeling eager to go to work and when you're at work you felt motivated to excel, and now you feel the complete opposite – you may know what is causing it. Perhaps you're not getting on with a co-worker, or you've been overloaded with responsibilities.

It's always easier to first try pin-point WHAT is causing you to be unhappy before jumping the gun and going on LinkedIn to find a new job.

2.       Attempt to actively change what's affecting you.

If you have identified what is causing your lack of enthusiasm for your work, it may be easy to rectify. Perhaps you need to stop hanging out with certain people at the office. 

This could mean that you should stop allowing your thoughts to be negatively by the opinions of others – especially those that are prone to complaining. 

You may also want to take a step back from office politics.

If you have already identified it will be advisable to try fix it instead of brushing it under the rug. A list of pros and cons may do the trick.

3.       Chat to a superior (manager, team leader etc.)

Speaking to your manager or team leader may come across as a daunting task. If you feel undervalued or underpaid, you may just need someone higher up to confirm that you're doing a great job. However, before you just jump into the conversation, make sure you're prepared.

Have a list of your accomplishments since you've started in the company to support your stance. You may be the one at fault so be prepared to take some constructive or destructive criticism.

4.       Take a break.

Ask yourself when last you took a break that wasn't a public holiday or weekend. You may be on the verge of a burnout which may cause great harm to your mental and physical health.

When you book that weekend away or mid-week break, turn your out-of-office on and avoid checking mails and social media channels. 

You need to unwind completely.

5.       Accept that it may be time to move on.

This will never be easy. Sometimes moving on may be out of your control. If you find yourself in a start-up or small business that offers no career growth prospects, 

you're well within your rights to move to a company where you can grow. Age may also play a factor – if you're in your early twenties and crave growth, you may need to move to upskill yourself. Some companies promote upskilling and that may drive you to change.

Remember, if you feel that you're stuck where you're at with no signs of it getting better, it's OK to move. Your employer should understand. 

Your mental and physical health as well as your future are of paramount importance – so don't just accept where you're at is where you'll stay for life.

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