Building a dream team

dream-team-by-jscreationzs.jpgThat fact that employees and applicants all have individual strengths and weaknesses is no surprise to employers and hiring managers. Using these strengths and weaknesses to create an effective business and work environment, however, has historically been a goal more easily identified than attained.

We all know that building a great team isn’t going to be all plain sailing — in fact, it’s very hard work! Making sure that you get the right people for the job can be a lengthy, expensive and sometimes painful process.

It’s not enough to hire someone with technical skills, you need to find the right combination of unique individuals that will make for a great team.

We’ve looked at some of the best teams out there and picked out some of the characteristics that can also help you build a dream team.

Big Ideas
You always need at least one person on your team that has the
big ideas. These individuals are creative problem solvers who are constantly scanning their environment for information. They are artistically expressive and "think outside the box." They have the ability to connect seemingly unrelated concepts to come up with clever, revolutionary new ideas, products and processes.

The Realist
This is the person that keeps everybody in the team grounded. When a new big idea is presented in the team, the realist will
offer resistance, point out flaws, risks and alternatives. You need at least one person who can identify weak points and that has a very strong, critical way of thinking. One of the risks of leadership is thinking too positively when you plan and set expectations, which is why having a realist in the team is vital.  

Every team needs a firecracker to get the team going. These high-energy individuals make things happen in the workplace. They are goals-oriented and thrive when presented with a challenge. Optimism is one of their strongest attributes. They see an opportunity with every failure and do not understand the meaning of giving up.

A great team needs a behind the scenes kind of person,
someone that coordinates and gets things done. They have a special skill to make a problems go away before the problem even happens. They work 10 steps ahead of the designated plan and prepare for each possible outcome. The organizer is who most team members turn to in a pinch and works best assisting communication between all members of the team.

The Perfectionist
These intelligent, hardworking individuals are exceedingly talented in a single field. When free to follow their specific working routine, they can focus on projects intensely. They are good at what they do. They have the ability to pick up new skills with ease, and showcase an exceedingly high-level of patience. They set high standards for themselves, and refuse to settle for subpar results.

Higher productivity and efficiency are the ultimate goal for any team, mapping out your company's talent will help you see the value in your current employees and the holes in your hiring.

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Credit: by jscreaionzs