Career Advice: Everyday leadership

time-for-leadership-message-by-stuart-miles.jpgGreat leaders are often all around us. Very often, it is people closest to us who are doing great deeds with little means.

In the workplace leadership often gets confused with management but although they go hand in hand they are not the same thing. We can all be leaders in everyday situations and this experience can assist you in your career development. Drew Dudley gives an inspirational talk during a Ted event explaining how we've made leadership into something beyond us, about saving the world. But the seeds of greatness exist in any of us who strive to lead, even in the most modest undertakings.

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Did Drew give you some inspiration to lead your everyday life into a purpose-filled life? We all have powerful leadership abilities, it’s all about changing your perspective on leadership. The instant you realize that your simplest actions can have far-reaching affects you understand that you can influence others.

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Credit: by Stuart Miles