Cloud computing what to look out for

cloud-concept.jpgCloud has proven itself worthy and although many businesses are still slow to transition, there is no doubt that more businesses will venture into the cloud in order to reap the benefits that comes with it in 2013. It is still early enough in the adoption cycle of cloud technologies, especially for infrastructure and platform services, that the players in the market can look forward to strong growth.

Increased importance of cloud security
Cloud computing security will continue to be a concern for companies throughout 2013, whether they're using a public, private, or hybrid cloud. Organizations are looking for applications and servers located in highly secure data centres that feature an array of physical and network safeguards. Businesses get the pay-as-you-go model, while the service provider keeps the environment stable and safe.

Cloud services optimized for mobile
The future is firmly mobile, one way or another. The exceptional rise in the number of mobile devices— tablet computers, iPhones, and smartphones—comes into play here. Many of these devices are used to scale business processes, communications, and other functions. To make cloud computing useful to business owners and employees, the cloud is taking a 'mobile' approach. More cloud computing platforms and APIs will become accessible on mobile.

Cloud computing is dependent on the underlying network – both the internet and the internal networks of datacentres, which is often time the one thing people tend to forget. As usage grows, the importance of maintaining functional and efficient networks becomes ever more important. The growth of Big Data applications also has a huge impact on networks: all that data needs to be transferred somehow. The increased demand for cloud computing, then, is sure to lead to an increased demand for network-related technologies and professionals.

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