Cloud Solutions on Africa’s radar

3D-cloud-idea-by-maen_cg.jpgIt’s almost impractical these days to view any development in the IT industry outside the lens of cloud computing. Just about every facet of data technology is geared toward either getting on the cloud or enhancing the experience for those already there.

According to a study by Cisco,  global cloud computing traffic will have increased twelve-fold by 2015. As you might assume, that growth is occurring in tech-savvy metropolises like Silicon Valley, New York and London, but it’s also being driven by the developing world, which includes Africa.

ICT sector in Africa is characterized by the very rapid development of mobile networks. At the same time, however, African countries are seeking solutions whereby they can catch up on the deployment of fixed infrastructure and high-speed networks.

Against this background, African business managers find themselves under ever-mounting pressure. The increasingly intense and often unbalanced competition between African businesses and those in the so-called developed world, coupled with the effects of successive global crises, are forcing all businesses to redouble their efforts to reduce operating costs, rationalize investments, boost productivity and foster innovation.

Cloud computing, considered by some to be the technological revolution of the twenty-first century, could go a long way towards resolving such issues, provided the corresponding technology is implemented on solid bases that inspire confidence in users both domestic and foreign.

It is therefore no surprise that Africa is on its way to realise massive technology growth and increased connectivity, fuelled, in part, by the adoption and application of cloud solutions.

Experts say issues like security, cost of investment and control over data have hampered Africa’s uptake of cloud solutions up until now, but since the cloud reduces the upfront cost and operational complexities of using information technology to grow a business, this is changing rapidly.

I think South Africa has been pretty reserved when it comes to cloud,” Grant Morgan, general manager of cloud for Dimension Data Middle East & Africa said. “I think what has been encouraging for us is that over the last six months’ adoption has really started to take off."

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Credit: by mean_cg