Data Driven Recruitment

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The recruitment process is a data mine and when mined correctly it reveals information on whether or not a candidate will be a high performer the employee is looking for. Data-driven recruitment comprises of technologies and techniques used to analyse talent and identifying candidates with the best skills. It eliminates a lot of uncertainties within the recruiting process and saves recruiters from making decisions based only on a 'great resume.' Benefits of data driven recruiting include, but not limited to:

  • Narrowing down candidates to only those who fit a company's profile.
  • Gives competitive advantage with insight into competitive information, such salary and    benefits.
  • Insights into what motivates and engages staff.
    Fills positions quickly.
  • Reduces turnover.
  • Increase diversity with technology that supports impartial hiring.
  • Increases employee retentions.

Here is why companies should incorporate it in their recruiting strategy

Eliminates gut-feeling decisions
As human beings when making decisions, prejudice, gut-feeling unconscious bias and our frame of reference tend to influence our decisions. Data driven recruiting eliminates all of this and encourages more accurate hiring decisions.

Improves candidate experience
Analytics bring the factors that impact candidate experience to the forefront enabling recruiters to tell what is increasing or decreasing the chances of a candidate withdrawing from his or her application and creates strategies to decrease the odds of losing strong candidates.

It decreases the time it takes to hire
Hiring takes time and time as a recruiter, you want to map out your entire recruitment process and find out how long it takes to hire a person in a certain field and how long each step of the process takes. Once you have all that information you now have to look at improving the speed of hiring. The use of analytics enables you to know with confidence how long it is likely to take to hire for a certain role, including time in each stage of the hiring process.

This data-driven approach can also reveal the bottlenecks slowing down the hiring process and inform you of how to fix them.
Wouldn't it be great to provide more accurate hiring time estimates to stakeholders.

Any organisation that is not using data in their recruiting process are omitting it at their own peril. Hiring is costly and time-consuming so it is essential to make the process as quick, accurate and effective as possible. Using data and analytics to drive hiring processes may be in its early stages but it is expected to significantly in the years to come. It is important to note however, that harnessing this data is one thing and interpreting is another.

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