Do you have these personalities in your office?

meerkat-658504_640.pngThe diversity of people in every office environment brings with it some rather unique challenges. The ability to work together in a cohesive team and to get along well enough to ensure the success of projects and tasks is the objective of every team and department in the company – however, this doesn't always go smoothly because, let's face it, our personalities clash, our cultures and sensibilities may vary, and we treat our own and each other's personal space rather differently.

We take a humorous look at some of the more familiar office personalities – can you identify these animals in your office? And which one are YOU?!

The Hadeda
The loud plaintive noises that emanate from the mouth of this prominent creature ensure that you know they're nearing the office cubicles. You'd better make sure you haven't left the microwave dirty, or that you haven't illegally occupied the boardroom without consulting the relevant timetable. The hadeda will certainly call you on your tendency to break the rules… or they'll leave passive-aggressive notes at every site of these terrible offences.

The Hyena
This laugh-a-minute animal may be the life of the party who brings a barrel full of innuendos and funny stories into the lunch area, but they're also the chatterbox who keeps you unnecessarily occupied with their inanity while you're fretting over whether or not you'll make your deadlines. The hyena skits from desk to desk… leaving you to wonder what they actually do when it comes to work.

The Big Dog
The big dog has one helluva bark and they love to use it. They have excellent delegation skills and when they assign you a task or project, you know that you've been entrusted with something important and that they simply don't have the time to do it themselves. Or do they? Sometimes the big dog barks and barks and doesn't do much else… and you wonder why he has such an impeccable time management record.

The Octopus
This creature seems to have their tentacles in every project, is always genuinely busy with something, never needs sleep, and is usually the first to arrive and the last to leave the office. Their large head is just full of brains, and just when you thought their capacity was full, they'll offer to pick up that last bit of work that no one else has time for. The octopus also gets forced to take leave, even when they don't want to, but they never turn their "Out of Office" notifications on… because workaholics don't know when to stop.

The Meerkat
Your conversation or problem may be none of their business, but as soon as you mention whatever combination of keywords that gets the meerkat's head to pop up and face in your direction, they'll involve themselves in your stuff. Whether you mention an accounting problem, your partner's annoying habits, or your opinion on a certain court case of national newsworthiness, the meerkat will take notice, immediately stop what they're doing, and come over to offer their two cents. If you ever find yourself in need of unwanted advice, this is something the meerkat also provides.

The Peacock
Try as you might to avoid looking at the office peacock, you just can't help it. Whether it's their overtly noticeable make-up, hair that is too perfect, or their feature-defining outfits, they dress, groom, and primp just to be seen. They may never advertise the fact that they're living out of a tiny one-bedroom cardboard box to be able to afford their posh clothes, shoes, hair products, and brand name fragrances, but that doesn't matter when you're graced with the aesthetic perfection that is the peacock. Their work areas are neat and well organised too, and how can anyone's handwriting still be that legible in this day and age? You feel an irrefutable desire to improve your appearance (and neaten up your own work space) when you're in the peacock's presence.

If you recognise any of these animals, why not share them with your co-workers and see who gets the hint!

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