7 interesting benefits of hiring young people

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As an employer, when you are deciding to recruit, it is important to consider the role and what it requires. For example, does it required extensive work experience or plain old good attitude and transferable skills to build on? This question becomes important if you are intending to hire young people who, in most cases do not have a wealth of experience to offer. There is however, more to young people than lack of experience and loyalty to the employer.

Young people have the power to change the workplace with their innovative ideas and buoyant energy as compared to older people. In fact, having a mix of these two may be a great balance instead of leaning towards one end over the other.

Here are reasons to help you consider hiring young people if you were ever in doubt about hiring them. 

Blank slates
Young people are a blank slates. They do not have habits from previous workplaces that are hard to break, giving you an opportunity as an employer to mould them into your ideal employees in a way that meets your business needs.

Insatiable desire to learn
Young employees have a learning mind set. They are used to learning and will continue learning. You want an employee who is always learning and growing in your business.

Cost effective
Hiring young employees might be less expensive than hiring older and more experienced employees.  That is because less experience usually equals lower starting salary.

They are super educated
Most young people (millennials) are educated. They have at least one degree. In fact, they may be the most educated generation to date. Wouldn't it be great to have a team of educated people in your business?

They are expressive
Younger people are not afraid to speak, this aspect of their personality can be useful in creative roles as they are better able to articulate their ideas with others in opinion based discussions. As an employer you can tap into this to generate new ideas for your business.

They value feedback
As human beings, we constantly need to be validated. This is especially true for younger people. This can be great in the workplace as they are likely to listen, take constructive criticism well, and use it to better themselves.

They are tech savvy
This generation has always been eager to adopt the newest gadget and technologies and the importance of having tech savvy employees in this century cannot be stressed enough. Your company could benefit greatly from employees who have a natural aptitude for technology.

The benefits are endless but come with their fair share of disadvantage. At the end of the day, it will depend on the role you are recruiting for and what attributes it requires in order to be best executed.

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