Ending the year with a bang

calendar-showing-half-month.jpgThe last quarter of the year is here and the holiday season is around the corner. Essentially the year is over, but we're really just in the final lap.

The question that is running through your mind right now is how do you mark the end of the year in such a way that it has impact with your team?

Here are three fundamentals to a successful end-of-year:

This is where you recognize your employees for all their accomplishments throughout the whole 12 months.  Even if you did thank them privately, thanking them with an award in public will have more meaning to them.

Giving out awards will provide you an opportunity to talk about your group and its accomplishments and to fully recognize your achievements. It will also give your team a very good feeling knowing they have really been noticed.

This is not the time for a presentation and review of your company strategy for the upcoming year. Nor is it a time for you as the leader to share all your ideas about how things are going to change. This is a time for personal and professional motivation, a time to make people feel good about their jobs, their business, and their future. A short speech with no PowerPoint is what you are aiming for. You can hire a professional motivational speaker, if your budget allows it.

Now that your team took care of the serious stuff, it is time to plan an awesome party!

It is not difficult to plan a party, just make sure you have done research on what your team would prefer, enjoy and try your best to accommodate them.

There are lots of companies that don't allow this or that in the building. However, there are options, you guys can just get another venue, and for those who can have the celebration on the premises, here are a few tips to help you plan a successful party:

  • Decorate the office so much that it's barely recognizable.
  • Make sure you have enough tasty food and beverages.
  • Music makes the party and it gets the people together, so make sure you have a great playlist.
  • Do an end-of-year slide show with funny pictures of the team and work.
  • If you have a small team, share the party with another group.

Before we know it, we will be hitting the new year. So now is the time you start looking at your staff's needs so you can start the year off with a bang!

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Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net by kjnnt