Engineering trends shaping the world

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Engineering is evolving. Trends such as advanced robotics, additive manufacturing (3D printing) Industrial IoT, quantum computing and Big Bata are currently shaping its evolution.

Here are top 3 interesting trends we've observed which will continue to shape the engineering industry:

Additive manufacturing 
Additive manufacturing (AM) is not a new technology trend, it's currently in the limelight for its limitless use. The implementation of AM technologies is growing rapidly and becoming more important as the world changes. Industries that have adopted its use are most notably in aerospace, defence, medical and the automotive sector.color.jpg



Some of the largest manufacturers in the world are investing heavily in this technology, which is leading to growth in demand for engineers and technologists who can develop new applications and integrate them with technologies in production environments. 

Our understanding of the environment and the negative impact of industrial activity raises concerns on how the industry should be designed and built, hence industrial sustainability. Industrial sustainability involves energy and resource conservation, emissions control, renewable energy systems and waste reduction.

All this requires engineering work to be performed by electrical engineers, environmental engineers, energy engineers et al. In fact it is estimated that the demand for environmental engineers is going to grow by 9% by 2021, and for environmental engineering technicians by 8%. Sustainability engineering work will continue to expand as it promotes savings in shipping and transportation costs, among other efficiencies.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) brings together advanced machinery, analytics and people in the workplace. Airbus, a European aircraft manufacturer, integrates IIoT to its products. For example, a worker on the factory floor can use a tablet or smart glasses to assess a task and then send that information to a robotic tool that completes it. For engineers, this technology is changing the future trajectory of their careers as it is reliant on software and machine learning processes that enables efficient communications between the individual and devices.

The increasing use of this technology in any workplace will mean that the skills necessary to implement and maintain it will also evolve thus the work of engineers will change due to the rise of these technologies. Engineers with more knowledge in these areas will be important and in demand. Current engineers must prepare to transition in to future roles so when those opportunities arise, the transition is smooth.

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