Every developer should know …


It continues to get easier to build extravagant and more complex applications and software. People use apps that are amazingly intuitive and all of a sudden, a very high expectation is set of all technology they use. Sometimes too high. It is therefore no surprise that the need is increasing for developers to stay current and on top of trends.

As a developer, what topics do you believe will be critical to understand going forward? Share with us your thoughts on this.

Mobile is taking over
A recent report out from Cisco states that before the end of this year the number of Internet-enabled smartphones and tablets in use will exceed the number of people on earth. The traditional computer will still have a place but we’re increasingly fulfilling the picture Steve Jobs painted a couple years ago. PCs, he said, are going to be more like trucks, taking on bigger computing tasks while we get more and more done on nimble car-like mobile devices. As developers, we will have to adapt.

Understand the business your customer is in
Anybody who says you just need to implement the spec and stop asking questions doesn't know what they're talking about. Putting yourself in the customer's shoes and asking what problem you're trying to solve, not just what they asked you to solve, will put you head and shoulders above your competition. Developers often blindly rely on business people, business analysts, and user experience designers to tell them what will make a great user experience. The better you know the business the higher is the probability to implement the best system.

Speed is one of the most important factors for a great user experience on the Web. Sadly, it is rare for web developers to know how to design and implement a decent caching strategy. Relying on an unnecessary number of calls to a database and/or file system is a great way to slow things down and annoy users. Most modern frameworks have built-in ways to use memory and file-system caching, so take the extra time to learn how to do this even if you are not expecting high amounts of traffic.

So what do you think? Add to our list.

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