Four reasons to love your job

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We all deserve to enjoy what we do for a living, even if it is not our dream job. If you enjoy what you do - you will find it easier to make business connections and widen your network. Truth is: we owe it to our customers, suppliers, partners, family and most importantly, ourselves to enjoy what we do for a living, simply because we already spend most of our time at work.

If you say well; it is not my dream job and I feel a little indifferent about it, then this article is for you. Here are four reasons that will help you appreciate your job even more.

The South African economy 
The unemployment rate in South Africa is high. Inflation is high. Economic growth is slow, the list is endless, so the last thing you want to be is unemployed. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to fulfil some of your basic needs without a steady income?

Look at it this way; the income that your job gives you enables you to provide for your family and plan for other things. That is reason enough to appreciate your job and find joy in your day.

When you are not happy at work, your 'unhappiness' will affect other areas of your life. This is because you cannot compartmentalise unhappiness (unhappy at work – happy at home.) Your negativity will affect all areas of your life. Research suggests that you do not have to love your job immediately to find happiness and fulfillment in it; therefore, it might take time.

Do away with expectations
Just because it is not your dream job does not mean it is not worth appreciating it. You do not have to be doing your 'life's purpose' to be doing meaningful work. The notion of 'follow your dreams, find your passion and do what you love' will, unfortunately, not apply to all of us. Relax from these expectations and focus on mastering and finding joy in your current job.

Make it work for you
Every job offers a reward of some sort. It could be emotional or monetary. Sometimes the benefits are in the lessons you learn. The validation from your boss, personal growth or that you are a favourite in the office thanks to your great personality.

There are tons of benefits that people overlook in their jobs simply because they have high expectation and are only interested in the monetary aspect of it. Take a step back and try looking at your job a little differently – it might turn out to be great. 

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