How a mentor can fast track your career

explaining-concept-infront-of-blackboard.jpgThroughout your career, you will meet plenty of people you would like to turn to for advice and that's a natural progression of growth. Athletes, for example have coaches that guide them every step of the way and by being strategic in developing your career you can identifying a good coach or mentor who can help you nurture your career path.

Great mentors or career coaches if you like, can provide intangible resources that mentees do not have due to their lack of experience. They also challenge you to think in way you never imaged before. Studies have shown that most successful people have had a mentor and are more likely to succeed. Mark Zuckerberg had Steve Jobs as his mentor, and Oprah Winfrey had Maya Angelo. If you allow mentors to strengthen their experience with yours, you'll be able to operate astutely than you would on your own. 
Here are reasons why you should get a mentor:

Mentors can be an important foundation of your career. A great coach will assist you with your success, aligned with your best interest and focused on helping you be the best you can be. As a mentee you need to cultivate a good relationship between you and your mentor, let the relationship grow organically. Share your goals and major careers decisions with your coach.

Wealth of knowledge 
Tapping into a mentor's wealth of knowledge can speed up your growth process and broaden your spectrum. Assuming you'll choose someone who has been in the industry munch longer that you have and of course more affluent than you. You can avoid pitfalls and solve problems in a sophisticated manner. Draw from their knowledge and use it to your benefit, after all that's the purpose of having a mentor.

Constructive criticism  
Take it like a champion. Remember the benefits of getting feedback. Allow them to be honest with you as this is the only way to grow. Express appreciation even if you don't agree with your coach. Rather ask questions to deconstruct the feedback but always remember that mentors have been there, right where you are, and have made numerous mistakes that they can now use as a basis for helping you to skip the devastating effects of not knowing.

Stimulate growth 
The primary goal of having a mentor is to grow in a sense that you wouldn't on your own. According to a recent survey 88% of business owners with a mentor say that having one is invaluable. Confirming the importance of mentor. This can have a positive impact on your career as you will not only grow faster but you will also be interested in learning new skills that can lend you a promotion or help you land a new client.

The beauty about having someone as a guide or coach for your career is that most of them are driven by the satisfaction of helping others (you) and expect no monetary rewards from the engagement. Forging a relationship of this magnitude is solely to the benefit of your growth and career development.

A mentor will give you personalized advice which is much better than general career advice you can get on the internet. Consider getting one and observe how they can impact your career in 2017.