How to be more efficient at work

checklist-2023731__340.pngMost people consider themselves to be effective at work. The question then is; is there room to be even more effective than you already are? Let’s say you have always been good with time management, do you put as much ‘time’ into learning new skills and keeping up with industry trends? Or your effectiveness is fixated on getting work religiously done since the day you were hired? Let’s hope not. Here are some tricks to invest in so you can be more effective at work.

Develop a system
It’s easy to let unnecessary things get in the way of work but having a set system in place forces you to focus. This helps with eliminating distractions, procrastinating and wasting time unnecessarily.  This is nothing routine can’t curb, like; assigning 15 minutes to reading the news while you drink your coffee every day, once you are done you move on to the next activity with ease.

Focus on performance
‘A boss writes an employee's evaluation and recommends a pay increase for effective performance, but he doesn't give a raise for weak performance.’ Perform! It doesn’t help being punctual everyday but delivering half-baked work.  Excel, go the extra mile and ask; what else can I do? Learn new skills. Read more articles about improving performance in your line of work and industry. They’ll come in handy.

Use technology
In a world full of tools to make life easier; ask yourself are there repeat tasks that you can automate with technology? It could be in your communication area, storage, customer service or as simple as managing your diary and doing something at a fraction of the time. Find out if you have to subscribe to a certain software that could make your life easier and more efficient at work.

Track where you waste time.
Not knowing where you spend most of your time is dangerous. You have to know how your time is split and how many minutes you allocate and where, including breaks, checking emails and meetings. Narrow your goals down to a few achievable things that can be easily broken down into steps, steps you’ll be able to adhere to without feeling out of place. I’m pretty sure there’s an app out there that can help you do this! 

Overall, it’s important to note that being effective doesn’t have to be fixated at the office, it can start at home and flow back into the office. Sometimes it might mean organising your personal life so you can free up your mind for office work. So, do a little introspection and decide which habits you have to adopt in order to be more effective at work and which ones you have to discard.  If you want to be more efficient at work, we can help you. Visit our website to learn more.

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