How to build credibility in the office at your new job

business-world-472556_640.jpgYou got the job! After polishing up your CV and sitting through those gruelling interviews, you impressed your employer enough for them to hire you and now it's time to make good on what you said you could do. It's time to perform and get people to take you seriously. One of the most important characteristics that you'll need to establish in your new job is credibility. If you have credibility, it means that people respect your word, your skills and expertise, and your ability to make things happen. You do what you say you're going to do and you behave in a manner that reflects well on your co-workers, your manager, and the company in general. Use these tips to build your credibility at work:

1. Dress the part
People are judged first on their physical appearance, so make sure that you follow the company's dress code to a tee and create a great first impression – every day. Dressing for the job doesn't only instill a sense of personal pride, but a well-dressed, well-groomed person is a lot easier to take seriously than someone who looks like they're actively rebelling against "the corporate uniform".

2. Never lie
You want to look good in front of your new colleagues and get your manager to give you bigger responsibilities, but making unfounded claims about former sales figures and previous achievements will only get you so far until the truth comes out. Let your actions speak for you as you build your reputation on hard work, helping others, and being the go-to person to get the job done. Respect has to be earned. One lie found out and it will be extremely hard to earn people's trust again.

3. Show integrity
When you start a new project, it should have a set of responsibilities and – most importantly – a set of deadlines. Make sure you meet all of those deadlines. This will build your integrity and trustworthiness, which are an integral part of credibility. As the person who consistently meets their deadlines and someone who takes responsibility for the tasks they're given, you'll also likely be the person who will be bumped up to larger, more complex projects where meeting deadlines and creative problem-solving are required to satisfy clients and support the company's reputation.

4. Be accountable
Everyone makes mistakes. It's how you deal with them that determines success or failure. If you've messed up, don't wait for someone to find out and then say, "Eeek! Sorry!" Rather, as soon as you're aware that you've created a bungle, let your manager – as well as your colleagues who will be affected – know. If you admit your mistake and offer an immediate solution to correct it, the mistake can be turned into an opportunity to build credibility all on its own. And, if the solution means staying after hours to fix your work, or needing to pick up a colleagues' surplus work, don't complain or be resistant about it – show that you're serious about being accountable for your actions.

5. Show enthusiasm and passion
If you applied for this job because the description met all the things that you're passionate about or what you stand for, then show that passion and enthusiasm at work. You don't need to "woo-woo" every time you get a work-related email, or to skip down the corridor when you take a bathroom break, but being 100% invested in your job goes a long way to building your credibility. Be at work five minutes early, and leave when you're finished – not 17:00 on the dot. Listen to your manager's and colleagues' pain points and do whatever you can to bring solutions and create efficiencies. Make sure that the work you do contributes to the company's goals and makes everyone around you look good. Do that, and those same influencers will vouch for you when it counts – your credibility will speak for you.

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