How to get the most from your recruiter relationship during job search

Recruitment_image.pngThinking of using a recruiter for your next job search? A good first step is having a clear understanding of how recruitment companies work and what you can and can’t expect. Working with recruiters isn't just about uploading a CV to a website and waiting for the phone to ring. A recruiter is a candidate's best ally, but you need to remember that the job search process is a partnership and will require efforts from all involved.

Here are some hints from recruiters themselves on how to get the most out of the relationship and make the process as effective as possible.

Benefits of working with a recruiter
Understanding the job market: As a professional, you should only want to work with industry experts who understands your profession and the sector you work in. At Communicate Recruitment we have specialist consultants in the Finance, IT, Engineering, Freight and Supply Chain industries. These consultants have years of experience and can consult with you, giving you industry insights, tell you what companies look for when recruiting and what you can expect in terms of salaries.

We represent you: Recruiters have long-term relationships with their clients and have earned trust over time. Recruiters know what the key skills are that the hiring manager want at a specific company. Most corporate job descriptions don’t really tell you what the manager wants, so when you apply online, you aren’t necessarily attacking the right points. Recruitment consultants have the skills and experience to be able to market you above the other candidates and upon offer, negotiate the best package on your behalf.

We provide key information for interviews: Recruiters speak to numerous organisations and have realistic insights into their needs when they are recruiting. They have insight into what is going on inside the employers’ organization, the culture, the structures and who the real decision makers are. This information could be key in helping you prepare but also to ensure you ace that all important interview.

Understand that recruiters can’t work miracles
Often time this is the key thing that job applicants don’t understand. Recruitment consultants work for the employer who pays them. They will go out of their way to help you, if they can, but at the end of the day they work for the employer and don’t control the full process.

Recruiters are not the decision-maker determining whether or not you get a job offer – Although recruiters often time have input into the decision, depending on the organization and the relationship they have, they are not the final decision maker for a job. 

Recruiters actually also earns more money if they negotiate you a higher salary package – If you expect a recruiter to represent you it’s important to be completely transparent especially when it comes to your salary. Recruiters will always be motivated to get you a higher salary, not less. But often times because they have an idea of what the hiring manager’s range is, they can help you come in at a number that works for you and the client, which at the end will maximize your chances of getting a job.

Do your homework
Recruiters are representing you and acting on your behalf; your reputation is tied directly to theirs. There are plenty of good recruiters out there, but there are some unethical ones too. Credible recruiters will be members of APSO (Federation of African Professional Staffing Organisations) and are bound by their Code of Ethics & Code of Professional Practices. Before engaging with a recruiter do your homework and find out about their credibility and reputation in the industry. It’s important to be aware all APSO member agencies are forbidden from charging any fees to job applicants. It’s therefore in your best interest to deal with agencies that are registered with this association.

Keep in Touch
Recruitment consultants represents many clients and work with a lot of highly skilled candidates. Good recruiters have sharp memories and never forget a candidate when the right opportunity comes along. That said, they don’t always have time to check in with you if there isn’t something to discuss. Follow up with your recruiter on a regular basis and let them know how your job search is going. By staying in contact you can gain valuable insight into your performance during interviews and possibly get advice on ways to improve your interviewing skills.

Like all industries there are unfortunately a few individuals that gives the recruitment industry a bad name. Just because you have one bad experience doesn’t mean you should write off all recruiters. Do your research and reach out to recruiters, but understand what recruiters can and can't do for you.

Whether you are a candidate urgently looking for a new job or somebody looking to form a long-term career building partnership, talk to us. Communicate Recruitment has a team of dedicated consultants specialising in the Finance, IT, Engineering, Supply Chain and Freight industries. They can connect you with Top Employers in South Africa while assisting you to map both long and short term career objectives and advise you on what steps to take to reach your ultimate career goal. Apply today.