How wearable technology will change the workplace

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Wearable devices are currently at the heart of every discussion related to the 'Internet of Things'. Many people use
wearables to keep track of their sleep, fitness and productivity. But there is more to wearables than just that. These gadgets 
are creeping their way into the corporate world and have the power to actually transform it. The beauty about them (wearables) is that they free you from having to carry a laptop, tablet or smartphone whilst ensuring you can access your e-mails and check important notifications. 

While most of the attention surrounding wearables is about the device itself, the true value of them will be determined by the software in use. Creating software for these wearables presents new problems for developers, i.e. the user experience has to be impeccable as the screens are much smaller than smartphones and or tablets. Issues like data security also have to be looked at; will these wearables have antiviruses like computers do?

Myriad of opportunities for IoT Developers
It's inevitable that as these wearable objects proliferate so will the opportunities and challenges around it. Finding enough talent with the right skill to manage and execute Internet of Things projects in the market right now will be one of them. Research from Immersar research programme reveals that data security and date science are some of the top sought after skills in the wearables industry.

Data Security:
Some of the risks around fitness devices is the geolocation data that is shared on a minute by minute basis to the cloud revealing employees as well as company locations. The fact that so much data is collected through a wearable device, such as an activity tracker, a smartwatch, or a pulse tracker, means that there are tangible risks involved. With enterprise-sensitive information now being transferred from wrist to wrist, businesses should prepare early and create security policies and procedures regarding the use of wearables within the enterprise.

The data security skills gap is especially challenging here in South Africa where a recent survey of businesses found that 32% of organisations have been the victims of cybercrime and 57% believe they will be affected in the next two years. This highlights the opportunity for skilled data security individuals in specifically the wearable technology and Information Technology industry.

Data Science
Every company is trying to harvest more data from connected devices and sensors and they need expertise not just in extracting the data but also in building algorithms to help in writing out insight and analytics out of the data.

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