Ideal Manager Traits to Help you Advance your Career

manage-definition.jpgEveryone can recognize a great manager a mile away, so why is it so hard to find one?
In every large organization, there's a hierarchy of management that keeps the whole operation running smoothly.
A good manager can motivate people, learn from previous mistakes, and gain respect from a team.
So what are the traits that would make you the ideal manager?

This is one of the most important traits and believe it or not often times not a given with managers. It's important to show outstanding skills in guiding team members towards attainment of the organization's goals and the right decisions at the right point of time.

You should have the confidence in your team's proficiency to decide most issues by themselves with only your guidance, as required. It's therefore important to create clear expectations and treat every employee as a professional who doesn't need immediate supervision.

Ability to Remain Calm
The role of being a manager can be a tough position to be in. There is a lot of stress involved in the daily tasks of management. A number of problems will arise throughout the course of any given day and the manager is responsible for handling those things well. It's in everyone interest to remain calm more often than not. A calm manager will keep the entire office calm which will lead to increased productivity and a better workplace overall. This will ultimately grow your business.

Let people make mistakes
As a manager, you take responsibility for other people's actions, therefore it can sometimes be hard to give them room to make mistakes. Unless you want people to check with you constantly about every little thing they do, you need to help them to be independent. That means people should be allowed to think for themselves and sometimes make mistakes.

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