Why introverts make a great hire

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Interviews are an integral part of the hiring process. However, the skills required to excel in an interview are not necessarily required to excel in a job. When hiring, recruiters and hiring managers usually have an ideal candidate in mind and in most cases, that candidate embodies traits of an extrovert; social, friendly and outspoken. There is nothing wrong with this approach (depending on the role) but by default, this excludes the introvert employee who is usually reserved and quiet. There is more to introverts than what meets the eye.

Before we share the reasons why introverts make a great hire, we will share tips on how to make provision for them in the hiring process.

Cater for them
Every company has a handful of introverts and it's in the best interest of the company to play to the strength of those introverts. For example asking introverts impromptu questions during an interview process may not bring out the best in them but an extrovert who is notorious for thinking on their feet may excel on those questions. The onus is then on you as the recruiter to cater for the introvert.

Introduce alternatives like asking them to write, assessing them on how well they can put together a meeting under pressure or do research and present their findings. This will work in your favour, as you will be able to see past a great interviewee and a great candidate suitable for the job. Bare in mind that an introverted employee does not have worse people skills than an extroverted one, and they can still be team player.

They make great employees and leaders
Of course depending on the industry and job. But research has proven that in fact, introverts make great leaders, they are focused, patient and have an open mind. Warren Buffett, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Steven Spielberg and Sir Isaac Newton to name a few are all introverts. Introverts are persistent, diligent and focused on work.

As an employer, find a way to incorporate them in your team. The very qualities that make them difficult to recruit are some of the same attributes that make them valuable, so create a work environment that welcomes employees of all walks of life.

Now, onto the crux of our the topic.

What makes them great hire?

  • Introverts tend to sit quietly at meetings, considering different points of view before forming their own opinions. When they finally do comment, they often add meaningful comments and balanced perspectives.
  • Introverts like to prepare for meetings and presentations, rather than "winging it.''
  • They tend to be reserved and exude a calm and steady presence. The ability to stay calm and measured in stressful circumstances is a great advantage.
  • They have a greater ability to listen to others and they are more inclined to nurture, coach and develop the people that work for them.
  • They are not easily distracted and can thrive without supervision.
  • They are not motivated by traditional rewards and contrary to popular believe, they make great rapport.
  • Introverts possess keen contemplative and analytical qualities that make them valuable team members

Employers tend to emphasise outspokenness and engaged interpersonal dynamics, because extroversion is the norm in the work place and culture but this way of sourcing talent to join your team can ostracise great talent that does not fall within those boxes.

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