It’s Time For a Brand New You

under-construction.jpgDo you find that by the time spring comes around; you have entirely forgotten the goals you have set for yourself at the beginning of the year? If you have lost steam before you’ve made any real progress on your goals, let’s help you do something about it!

You can start by making a list. Revisit the goals you set for this year and figure out which ones mirrors your greatest aspirations. Then, prioritize it and select no more than four goals from your list. If you work toward more than that, you’ll probably accomplish none.

So now with your goal(s) in mind, apply the three actions that are important to developing a brand new you.

Get rid of the clutter
Decide what you need to get rid of. What would get in the way of achieving these goals? This could include an outdated way of thinking that got you where you are today but won’t take you to the next level. Some other examples include:

Toxic people: To achieve your goals, you need the support of inspiring people who easily express gratitude and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Your circle can’t include negative people who take advantage of your time and talent.

Avoid distractions: Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you enjoy doing it. If you find yourself mired in tasks that are easy but not rewarding, you’re not being efficient. In fact, those tasks are draining your energy, distracting you from the talents that energize you.

Time wasters: Are there activities in your day that consume your time without you getting much value out of it? How can you eliminate or do them differently?

Cleaning out the clutter is a hard job. It takes willingness and dedication. It requires a daily conscious effort. We spend way too much of our lives with clutter weighing us down in life and we don't even realize it. Start right now!

Forget your comfort zone, take risks!

In today’s workplace, being safe is risky. But taking risks just for the sake of being an adventurer, can lead to disaster. Taking the right risks is significant. Make a list of the fears that gets in the way of your ability to succeed.

Risks and chances are just opportunities in disguise. To enhance your career and to meet your career goals, you should make sure that you show your dedication and commitment to the people who really matter.

Measure your fears against your goals. Which risks have the greatest payoff, earning you a much better chance of achieving your dream? Achieving a meaningful goal almost always requires that you embrace risk.

Time to take action
Identify which tasks go hand in hand with reaching your goals, and make those activities your priority. Too often, we have too many un-prioritized goals that it’s impossible to know if we’re spending our time wisely. Maybe you didn’t even notice that advancing your career always ends up at the bottom of your to-do list, and as a result never gets done.

Ask yourself this, what are my goals for the upcoming 1 year, 3 years, 5, 10 years?

If you take some time out to set your goals now, I can guarantee you that you will definitely experience more growth as a person and in your career. By just spending a few minutes to clear some aspirations that have been on your mind, you will experience more progress in your life a year from now than compared to if you don’t.

So make the most of this year and start attracting the right kind of career opportunities.

Wishing you a revitalizing and successful spring!

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Credit: by Salvatore Vuono