Job Hunting? How to get noticed by recruiters online

Wall_people.pngWhether you’re actively in the job market searching for a new career opportunity or you just want to be kept in the loop of potential new positions that fit your skill, standing out among millions of others is the key to attracting the attention of a recruiter. Most companies turn to the expertise of recruitment agencies to fill their vacancies, so it makes sense to make sure you’re as visible to us as possible.
Our consultants spent hours every day working through hundreds of CV’s and online profiles, here are some tips on what we look for:

Show Tenure and Experience
Most recruiters will tell you that they will search LinkedIn when they are looking to match professionals with specific job openings. Therefore, maintain an updated and detailed profile. Make sure you include any keywords that are relevant to your field or industry. But keep in mind that without a doubt, hiring managers want to know you have the experience to do the job. This is the first thing any recruiter will search for. LinkedIn is the obvious place to share your work experience, but don’t stop there. Actual examples that showcase your awesomeness will always attract attention and show that you’re the real deal. 

Show achievement over responsibilities
The online profiles that stand out are the ones that show what candidates did with the responsibilities they were given. Not just what they were responsible for, but what they achieved in context. Your online portfolio should include samples of code you’ve created, analyses and summaries of data you developed, your sales awards, projects you’ve worked on or a list of clients you’ve served. Recruiters won't see the fruits of your hard work unless you spell it out in your profile.

Show your personality
Your LinkedIn summary is the perfect place to express yourself. Include why you’ve chosen your field and what motivates you to do your best work. With personality being more important than ever to companies, it’s key that your online profile reflects who you really are and how you can make contributions to the employer right off the bat. Recruiters don’t just look for skill when matching candidates, personality is very important. We want to see that you have personality and that you are able to articulate that effectively online and in person.

Engage with recruiters
Whether you are in the job market or not it’s a good idea to start building up some relationships with recruiters. They can offer valuable information in terms of your industry that goes beyond the next job opportunity. They know exactly what skills are in demand, what specific technologies the market is asking for and have a wealth of information about hiring companies and salaries. 
Because most recruiters specialize in specific industries and job functions, you will likely have the most productive relationships with a specialist recruiter in your industry. Be sure to research recruiters and only engage with individuals once you’ve assessed their reputation and credibility. The right Recruiters can be strong allies in your career advancement.

Whether you are a candidate urgently looking for a new job or somebody looking to form a long-term career building partnership, talk to us. Communicate Recruitment has a team of dedicated consultants specialising in the Finance, IT, Engineering, Supply Chain and Freight industries. They can connect you with Top Employers in South Africa while assisting you to map both long and short term career objectives and advise you on what steps to take to reach your ultimate career goal. Apply today.