Job search rejection: How to stay motivated

rejected-seal.jpgIt's tough handling interview rejections, and I can't blame anyone who's been in that position. You spend hours preparing for the interview. After the interview, you think you got your dream job. Only to find out to the contrary. Dealing with the challenges of a job search are never easy, but dealing with rejection doesn't have to tank your morale.

Focus on the positive side
Many people consider a job interview a measure of personal worth. The decision to hire you has more to do with the companies' specific needs and far less with whether you are an experienced professional. You might not have snatched this position but at the very least you've learned a thing or two about the interview process and the industry.

Feedback is important
One of the most important ways to deal with rejection is to learn why it is that you didn't exactly make the cut. It's not always easy to hear feedback in this regard but it's the only way you will be able to change or adjust for the next position.

Believe in your strengths
It's normal to feel distressed after having failed in a job interview. However, blaming yourself won't help you dealing with rejection. Remember that you have excellent skills and qualities that will be perfectly suited to another company and position – it's all about finding the right fit.

Forget about the past
Don't carry any negative feelings associated with failed job interviews in your mind. It might be that this was actually not the right job for you after all, you don't want a job in which you won't excel, or a culture that would make you miserable, and maybe the hiring manager did you a favor in the long run.

Stay motivated
It can be really tough when you're getting rejections for jobs that you really want. But the worst things you can do is give up hope. Finding a job requires persistence and resilience. It's important to remember that when you are job hunting you can be certain that some interviews will go well, some won't but keep at it and you will find your match.

You're looking for a match for your strengths, abilities, and talents. It's not who you are; it what you do. If an employer doesn't choose you for a job, it's not a comment on your character; the employer just doesn't believe your talents fit the job.

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