10 habits mentally strong people do

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Most people know and understand that they have to exercise in order to be physically strong but what are they doing in order to be mentally strong?
Mental strength - as Wikipedia explains, its a measure of an individuals resilience and confidence that may predict success in sport, education and the workplace. Mental strength consists of thoughts, emotions and behavior. Becoming mentally strong involves regulating your very thoughts, managing your emotions and behaving productively. Mental strength is a choice and a discipline, not an innate quality bestowed upon the few.

If you are unsure of your mental strength, here are 10 traits of people who are mentally strong you can benchmark yourself against.

1. They are responsible for how their life unfolds
Mentally strong people believe their happiness and success is a by-product of their own thinking, beliefs, attitudes, character and behaviour.

2. They modify their unhealthy beliefs
Mentally strong people refuse to allow self-limiting beliefs to restrict their potential. They understand their minds can be their best asset or their worst enemy.

3. They are emotionally intelligent
Decades of research now point to EQ being the critical factor that sets star performers apart from the rest of the pack. Cambridge Dictionary defines EQ as the ability to understand the way people feel, react and to use this skill to make good judgments in order to avoid or solve problems. EQ, unlike your IQ, which is fixed, is a flexible skill that you can improve with understanding and effort. EQ is the cornerstone of mentally strong person. 

4. They practice realistic optimism
Being a realistic optimist means that you are aware of challenges and understand that action needs to be taken in order to solve those challenges and you accept the situations that cannot be changed. Mentally strong people do not take pessimistic predictions laying down nor are they over confident, they are realistic optimists.

5. They know who they are
Knowing who you are is the greatest wisdom a human being can possess. Mentally strong people are at peace with who they are. They are aware of their limitations and strengths. They know their goals, what they love, their morals, needs, standards and what they will not tolerate.

6. They stay true to their values
Mentally strong people keep their priorities in line with their beliefs. They're courageous enough to live according to their values, even when it's not the popular choice.

7. They take care of their body
A healthy mind requires a healthy body. Mentally strong people understand that and strive to maintain a balanced lifestyle. They want to grow stronger and be the best version of their selves both mentally and physically.

8. They set healthy boundaries
Boundaries are all about honing in on your feelings and honoring them. Mentally strong people understand this and thus create healthy emotional and physical boundaries – which gives them room to grow.

9. They retain their personal power
 Mentally strong people do not give negative people power over them. They refuse to blame anyone for holding them back or dragging them down.

10. They practice gratitude
Counting their blessings instead of their burdens helps mentally strong people keep life in perspective.

Becoming mentally strong is a practice and there is no one right formula for it. It takes time, patience and willingness. Your mind is your greatest asset so take time to develop it.

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