Personal Branding and Leadership

original-stamp-on-box-showing-authentic-products-by-stuart-miles.jpgIn today’s blog I continue talking about how personal branding impacts your career, specifically looking at leadership. (Also read the importance of personal branding for your career and how to find your personal brand).

Having a personal brand is a leadership requirement. It enables you to be a better leader, a more authentic leader that can create greater overall impact. Just as important as the development and management of your personal brand is for your career, the same can be said for developing your leadership brand. This is an extension of your brand but conveys your identity and distinctiveness as a leader. It communicates the value you offer. If you have the wrong leadership brand for the position you have, or the position you want, then your work is not having the impact it could.

Leadership in today’s brave new workplace means different things than it ever did before. Every day, every week, and every month – you must be mindful about how your personal brand as a leader can elevate your relevancy, impact and influence – and it’s your responsibility to define its distinction before someone else does.

Choosing a leadership brand can help give you focus. When you clearly identify what you want to be known for, it is easier to let go of the tasks and projects that do not let you deliver on that brand. Instead, you can concentrate on the activities that do.

Key considerations for creating a successful leadership brand:

Find your own definition of leadership
Leaders, who feel the need to compare themselves with others are doing themselves a disservice.
The most important thing for you as a leader is to find your own definition of leadership that is true to you, enables you to inspire those around you to perform at their very best, and delivers the results.

As a leader this is your biggest challenge and takes courage. Can others always depend and count on you? Are you doing relevant things again, and again, and again?

Continue to grow
Take some time to really think about what it is you want to become as a leader. Zeroing in on something you're passionate about will make it so much easier to achieve. If you’re serious about developing yourself, you need to do more than just leverage your strengths and minimize your current weaknesses. Those are just the skills you have today - if you really want to improve, you have to continually add new elements to your leadership toolkit. 

It’s important to understand the critical role personal branding plays in your leadership success and eventual career success. Developing your personal and leadership brand is a much bigger responsibility; a never-ending journey that extends well beyond social media.

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