Planning for the future: Green data centres

data-transferring.jpgThe current uncertainty regarding sustainable power in the country is forcing businesses IT departments to re-evaluate the way the plan for the future. If you are in the process of deciding whether to buy new servers, it's not just the hardware costs that matter — you need to be able to factor in power costs as well. This is the main reason why companies considering investing in highly efficient data centres, are looking to go green.

According to Xolani Ndlovu, country manager for Panduit SA, going green not only boosts brand credentials, but can also lead to long-term savings, adding that improving data centre efficiency, not cloud, should be a focus area.

The big names are leading the way showing that this is a real possibility. Apple recently said that all of its data centers are powered by renewable energy. How Apple achieved that impressive goal reflects the complexity of transitioning to renewable energy. 

The reality is a "greener" data center offers numerous benefits, ranging from lower power bills to a better public image and the satisfaction of taking steps to protect the environment. Some of these advantages offer more financial returns than others, but each can pay dividends to companies that seek to cut power consumption in their facilities.

The most notable disadvantage however, is that you may spend a lot of initial cost converting your data center and purchasing new hardware. If you can afford that initial cost, you will have savings in the future and reap all of the aforementioned benefits.

Although power usage is the obvious candidate for green plans, other factors should also be considered. These include choosing manufacturers that minimise packaging, disposing of faulty or obsolete equipment, efficiently using rack space, and actively monitoring and managing power.

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