Please Repeat That?

megaphone-23241.pngIn this day and age of constant communication, thoughtful communication tends to be left on the roadside. If you want to improve your communications skills in any way, the first and most important part is building relationships with the people in your surrounding environment.

One of the advantages that great communicators have is the opportunity to get promoted and recognized in your careers more frequently as a result of your great communication competencies. If you have your eye on that promotion, maybe it’s time you up your communication skills.
Below are three of many practices that can help you.

1. Listen up!
Great communicators listen more than they speak. You need to understand what the other person is telling you to avoid any misunderstanding. Most of us have this habit where we try to complete other people’s sentences, but try not to.
When a colleague is speaking, don’t spend the time preparing your response in your mind. Instead, ask questions for clarification and to make certain that you thoroughly understand what the other person is communicating.

2. Effective speaking
Just like listening and written skills, effective speaking is just as important. We all have different job titles in some way or another, it will be expected from us to speak in front of an audience or discuss assignments with our team. Our ability to speak clearly is as important as our ability to formulate our arguments concisely and clearly.  Keep the following in mind before you speak; 

  • Volume - to be heard.
  • Clarity - to be understood.
  • Variety - to add interest.

Reading the signs
Great communicators know that non-verbal communication speaks louder than verbal communication. They listen with their eyes and ears, and pay attention to people's posture, hand movements, and eye contact because these also send very powerful messages.

There are two main parts of non-verbal communication that, in the workplace, can be seen as the most important.

Eye contact:
Eye contact, or lack thereof, is the first sign of whether you think that the person talking to you is worthy of your attention. By looking someone in the eyes, you are telling them that what they are saying is important and it is also considered the ultimate form of respect.

Body language:
Slouching and crossed arms are signs that you are bored, not open to what the other person has to say and you are not paying attention to what is being discussed.  Your body language can have an important effect on your success in business. Be aware of your own behaviour as it will help you to better identify and read someone else while ensuring you reflect the correct image.

If you work to improve your own communication by practicing these skills and taking these actions, you can become a great communicator. Becoming a great communicator will enhance your career, make your days at work rewarding and fulfilling, and reinforce positive relationships with co-workers who want to work with you.

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