Preparing for the future in freight

economy-word-art.jpgSouth Africa is ranking at number 40 for the world's top exporters of raw material. Not to mention that the country is the largest producer of platinum, diamonds, coal, minerals and a range of other metal materials, but we need to picture, the bigger picture and find ways in sustaining growth in the freight sector.

Our country's wealth has always been linked to sea trade and ports, which have great potential for sustaining growth in the years ahead. The countries ports are the engines of economic development and more cargo and trade in our ports, means more jobs. This does sound good, but what is next? Where are we heading to from here?

We need to adapt
Even with the slowdown in the economic growth, port cargo volumes are expected to rise by the year 2030 and R120-million project will also provide work for more than 300 people, said President Jacob Zuma.
With all this growth projected to take place soon, it will put strain on the infrastructure. Sustainability on investments will be needed for this.

Construction work is taking place in five cities –Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Rustenburg, Durban and Pretoria - to incorporate different forms of transport for the road and rail network.
So our ports need to adapt and it will require upgrade on the infrastructure. Ports need to provide the sufficient depth, crane reach and shipyard space.

Gearing up
Ports must be geared up for the future. This means improving local and national connections to the wider road, rail and inland stream networks; fully improve services to make the best use of ports as they are now; and creating business environments to attract the investments that are needed if capacity is to expand, as it must do.

Staying competitive
Competitiveness is key in the freight industry, this requires, changes to the rules and regulations and governmental formalities to boost the efficiency of imports and exports, even further. Imports and exports are changing the economic sectors, and there is a need for staff in the freight sector. Without properly trained workers and skilled people, ports cannot function as it should. South Africa's Transnet National Ports Authority, is collaborating with other African countries, which is increasing our competitiveness.

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