5 Important Ways to Prepare for the New Year

start-line-2836881_1920.png2018 is fast approaching and most of us are ready to bid farewell to 2017. In a perfect world, you are reflecting on your slip-ups, triumphs and reviewing your goals. However, for most of us we are just trying to finish all the work piled on our desk before the holidays. In an effort to help you get started with your new years’ goals, we have compiled a list of things we think will help you kick-start your new year goal setting. Here are 5 of them:

Most people disregard this step, and it is just as crucial. You do not want to get stuck in preparation mode while you should be working on your goals. When the year starts, you want to start your goals too, not plan for them. Gather information, scribble a backup plan and ensure that you have a good support system in place. You will be better equipped to handle challenges that may come your way.

Go ahead and do it
If you valued ‘it’ enough to write ‘it’ down, surely it is worth executing as well. Some people excel at planning and fail miserably at executing. Do not be one of those. Commit to doing something that you have planned – see it through no matter how mammoth it may be. You have the luxury of doing – so go ahead and do it.

Write a not-to-do-list
So every now and then, you have to decide what you are not going to do. Like wasting time on Facebook, watching too much TV or eating unhealthy. In short, write down everything you deem counter-productive and not aligned with your goals. Put that in your not-to-do-list.

Review your expenses
The start of a new year is a great time to sit down and have a good look at your financial habits. Are you over spending on things you barely need? Are you under-saving?  Are you on the same page with your long-term plan? Are your investments meeting your needs? Do you need to adjust your spending or look for new ways to increase your income? Be honest with yourself, as this aspect of your life will affect most of your planning and goals for the new year. 

Work on your positive energy
You need to be positive and sometimes, overly! Think about this year, those sluggish days, and the amount of time you wasted. Do not let that roll into the new year. Make it a habit to keep a positive mind state, as this will influence your decision-making capabilities and productivity when it comes to achieving your goals. Good positive energy increases your attention and focus. And that is the kind of energy you need in order to work on your resolutions.

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