Recruiting top talent on a tight budget

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High-quality recruitment requires a good budget and dedicated personnel. But you do not have a big recruiting team nor 'big' budget and you don't want to compromise on the quality of talent you want to attract? How do you go about achieving such?

Here are 5 tips to recruiting top talent on a tight budget.

Target university students 

Target universities using workshops and job shadowing. This will not only improve your business profile but you will also have an opportunity to identify talent and keep track of them. When the time is right, you can reach out and give them an offer.

Sell your company
Many candidates are willing to compromise a good salary if they find a well-rounded and balanced working environment. We live in an era where employees' value 'work-life balance'. If you cannot impress them with a good salary why not with a flexible schedule or small things like free lunch on a Friday or that your team have access to the latest technology and finest gadgets?  Find out what it is that your current employees love most about their work environment and then sell it.

Referrals are the number one source of candidates and the most inexpensive recruitment avenue for small businesses. Use employee referrals.  Your employees are your advocates and should be able to recommend people who are suited for the job.

Industry events
Your future employees are attending industry events, meet them where they're going and use networking as a recruiting strategy. 

Boomerangs are employees that leave an organization without burning bridges and then return with more experience but the benefit of already understanding the business. You can target boomerang employees during your search. They bring with them a record of accomplishment, familiarity with company culture and processes and a reminder to other employees thinking about leaving that it's not always better on the other side. Your task is to assure them that they are welcome in an event they want to return. You can even call every now and then to remind them.

Recruiting agency
Consider using a recruitment agency as they are sure to have more resources than you. Often the best candidates are not actively in the market but rather open to the right career opportunity. A specialised recruitment agency like Communicate Recruitment will give you access to these candidates. Recruitment agencies conduct thorough references, verifying skills and experience.


This combined with our consultants' understanding of and personal accountability to your business, results in a pre-screened, recommended selection of suitable candidates for business vacancies. Things like initial interviews, salary negotiations, screenings, and general admin duties will be taken care of.  A recruitment agency will want to make sure that the person they recruit for the position is not only ideal but also a culture fit. Therefore, you are in a better position to bring in the best candidate without doing all the hard work.

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