Shift in thinking regarding talent management required

skills-on-brain-on-screen-showing-human-competences-by-stuart-miles.jpgAsk any hiring manager and they will all tell you the same thing. Hiring the right people for your organization is now more important than ever. The widening gap in skills have been an ongoing issue for the last several years and with concerns regarding the level of education and a drop in efficiencies in Math, Accounting and Science -the competition is fiercer than ever.

Clearly, if businesses are to remain competitive, they need talented people. But they also need the right skills and there is growing evidence of a shift in talent wherein certain skills are becoming old or useless.

Bottom line is, if your organization doesn’t rethink its approach to recruiting and managing talent, it will forever lose its competitive edge in the race for growth.

According to a report by Ernst & Young, "Time and again, research has shown that organizations are not identifying or investing enough in the critical talent they need to drive their businesses forward”

Business is increasingly becoming about managing a team of champions, as opposed to the champion team.

Today’s marketplace is more and more complex and companies need to build up talent on multiple fronts. It is therefore vitally important for talent management professionals to stay on top of the trends that can affect their company’s success.

Changes in team dynamics
The traditional team dynamic of 30 years ago - which many Baby Boomer remember well- isn't the same as today. A key reason for this is because it's become increasingly uncommon for people to spend their careers at one, two or even three organisations. The new generation of workers is more diverse, mobile, and digitally connected and is motivated by flexibility, development opportunities, and empowerment. Organizations will have to take a more individualized approach as they compete to fill the talent gap.

Shift in thinking around hiring talent
Progressive thinking companies already realize that with the rapid pace of change hiring for today’s skills means workforces could become quickly obsolete. 2014 will see a focus on not just hiring for the job at hand, but preparing for what is needed next. This will require assessing future needs and scrutinizing company’s current talent inventory to identify ‘hidden talent’.

Company image and branding key to talent
People are using mobile devices to maximize every moment of their lives, cramming in more content and more consumption. This connectivity allows them to openly discuss products, services, and also work experiences. Talented employees are no longer restricted by traditional borders. For many there is an opportunity to decide not just for whom to work but where to work. This places a renewed focus on branding and the importance to manage your company image in order to attract future talent.

The truth is that today’s war for talent is rapidly changing. Bigger pay packages and elite backgrounds no longer offer a clear path to success. Business leaders who implement the best talent management and recruitment process are more prepared than their competitors to compete in the global economy and capitalize quickly on new opportunities. If you require assistance in this, we can help.

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