Social Media: Be aware employers are watching

social_blog_image.pngThese days, recruiters view potential candidate’s social media and online profile before inviting them for an interview. They want to see if their online presence is credible and resonates with that of a professional in that field.

According to the 2014 Social Media Recruiting Survey on, 93% of employers will check your social media presence before making a hiring decision. As much as 73% of employers admitted that they have hired people that they found because of social media.

This is important because it has a direct impact on your career. On the other hand, if you are not active or do not have a social media profiles at all, it sends a red flag to recruiters that you might not be as digitally savvy as expected from an average professional. They must be able to Google and find you on at least one or two profiles.

Here are three things to steer away from when you post:

Badmouthing your current or previous employer.
What you say online does not necessarily stay online, for example: if you are having a conversation on WhatsApp with your friend, and you say something inappropriate about your boss, your friend then decides to screenshot the conversation and share it online, you will face repercussions irrespective of the conversation being ‘private’.

The trick is to keep your outburst about your boss or company to yourself! If it’s not worth being put on a billboard on a highway, then don’t post it on social media. Find other means of escalating your queries with your boss other than ranting online.

Don't announce everything on social media 
People post about, almost everything! But certain things should be kept off your social profiles like: interviews, raises and new jobs. Recruiters may see this as a red flag and it may imply that you are unprofessional. Only share those plans with people you completely trust.

Always keep in mind how you want to be viewed when publishing online and how it will reflect on your overall image. Position yourself as a knowledgeable person in your field or field of interest. Balance your posts and keep the ratio to 50/50 between professional and personal posts.

Delete old posts
Make it a habit to regularly review your content. This will enable you to get rid of any information that you feel could reflect negatively on you. Change your privacy settings to share content for a particular audience such as family and friends only.

Always remember that potential employers Google candidates and if they find tasteless content about you, you may not get the job or that deserving promotion.

Rule of thumb 
Assume that everything you post might be seen by potential employers. You need not completely stay offline but like any other tool, social media has to be used cautiously.

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