Software the solution for Freight Forwarders?

working-man-in-logistics.jpgThe percentage of commercial freight tonnage transported by road in South Africa has steadily increased over the last ten years to approximately 89% today. This statement reflects the growing need for reliable freight services in South African, as the population and economy of the country continues to grow.

Constant changes in the global reach and growing engagement have customers demanding higher levels of consistency and faster service from their freight and logistics companies. Freight software could be the answer.

Having software that incorporates modern technology will help you to electronically exchange information with multiple organizations and industry bodies, including customs and port authorities, airlines and shipping lines, transport providers, depots, industry facilitators, agents and your customers and clients.

Creating your own workflow and having a system that will manage both global and internal operations faster and more accurately will ensure you maximize your productivity and help for you to stay ahead of your competitors.

As a freight forwarder, you want to focus on managing freight rather than to repeat routine procedures. Global forwarders require an integrated single-platform management solution to organize and co-ordinate every part of their shipments, imports, exports and transshipment.

In addition, digitization and consumerism have also caused the concept of on-time delivery to take on a more literal meaning and consumers can now actually track whether a delivery is really on time. When ordering goods online, consumers expect an estimated time of delivery from the retailer and will hold them to it.

So what’s in our way?
As the bulk of South Africa’s goods are transported by road, many challenges make it difficult for courier and transport companies to ensure on-time deliveries. Distribution channels are faced with increasing pressure to ensure efficient supply chains. Labour challenges also creates a threat to the realization of capable supply chains as strikes and demands for increased wages place more pressure on the logistics industry.

The answer?
Logistics software will forever, play a crucial role in the realization of efficient supply chains. While certain challenges, such as labour strikes and costs, will only be managed with the realisation of economic growth, logistics software spurs economic growth by enabling logistics providers to manage, implement and maintain logistics infrastructure.

A controlling presence in key growth markets and the flexibility to respond swiftly and innovatively to customers’ evolving needs distinguish the high performers in freight forwarding and contract logistics. In the future, expertise in customers’ industries and in the discipline of cost control will be more critical than ever.

The freight industry continues to play a vital role in the growth of South Africa’s economy. If you have experience in this industry and is in the market for a new Freight job or Supply Chain job, we can help!

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Credit: by khunaspix