Strategies to help you start the new year

team work.jpgMany of our offices are starting to get back to the normal routine, as vacation time is up for most of us. And most of us know that coming back to the work routine after a relaxing and enjoyable time off can seem quite overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some simple strategies to help you start the new year off right after changing your pace:

Make and follow a to-do list
One of the main difficulties we can all relate to after coming back from a break, is remembering all your passwords to your computer and what we last worked on or what needs to be done. Instead of just getting started on the first thing that presents itself, sit down for a few minutes and make a list of what needs to be done. Having a list will help you prioritize so that you don’t end up trying to stuff too much into your first day back at your desk.

Having a plan is an essential part that will allow you to start off with success.  Think about your objectives for the new year.  Do not just focus on high-level aspirations, “the what”, but consider what steps you need to take in your day-to-day life to get, “the how”. 

Also, a to-do list is also a good way to battle the overwhelming feeling we often get at the beginning of the year.

Touch base on communications
Time to open up your emails that has accumulated while you’ve been gone? In many cases, this has to be one of the biggest tasks one has to go through. There is however, a way you can approach this in the right way which can save you time and hassle. Try to pin down what the most important emails are.

Reviewing your inbox from most to least recent will help you as some issues may have already resolved themselves.  Just remember, other people are often struggling through their inboxes too!  You can extend each other some mutual understanding of this challenge.

Get involved in new projects
It is quite difficult for some workers to get their motivation going once they’ve gotten back to the office.  It’s natural to feel a little blue after your time off has come to an end.  Tackling new projects right out of the door is sometimes a good way to get quickly engaged in the workplace. However, a break from work can help us come back to the office with a fresh perspective and can benefit us when we tackle those projects.

Is there anything you want to change? How do you get back into your usual routine or even a better routine after taking a break? What tips would you add to this list?  Add your comments below.

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