The future of Virtual Reality, AI and AR in recruitment

Read time: 01:55
Businesses have to make critical decisions about adopting technology that involves identifying the right tools they can use in their recruiting processes. Virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) being some of those technologies, they could be adopted to enhance the hiring process.

For example, VR could be used in the early stages of recruiting by simulating interviews and giving candidates an idea of what the company looks like. AI could be used to reduce unconscious bias when screening resumes, and with the number of candidates who have smart phones, AR can be used to create an engaging experience throughout the hiring process for candidates.

But is this possible? Can HR and recruiting companies adopt these technologies and incorporate them into their hiring strategies or does this sound far-fetched? Maybe not – here is how:

Virtual Reality
VR can give HR the ability to replace the standard "how do you react to a difficult situation?" question with "I'm going to put you in a difficult situation to see how you react to it." Jaguar Land Rover can serve as an example here. They tried this by putting candidates in a virtual garage full of iconic vehicles that applicants could use to explore the ins and out of electric cars.

Then, candidates moved on to a demanding code-breaking game that tested their engineering and software skills. The candidates who did well were fast-tracked through the application process.

Augmented Reality
With 72% of candidates using their mobile devices during their job search, it should be a no-brainer that AR will benefit recruiters. AR is the integration of a company's environment with digital information. Here is how it would work: imagine a candidate being able to point their phone right at your building or office and be offered an array of information about your company, from job postings, employee testimonials and overall brand messages like why you are the best company to work for.

Artificial Intelligence
HR and talent acquisition practitioners will hear a lot about artificial intelligence, machine learning and bots. AI in this case, can take over the feedback process. We all know how difficult it can be for recruiters to give feedback to candidates' timeously. AI can take over this process effortlessly, keeping candidates informed throughout the hiring process.

It can also be used to reduce bias when screening hundreds of resumes that humans cannot. The software in use can learn the qualifications of a job and then identify candidates who fit the criteria. All this technology is in its infancy in HR and recruitment but it will be interesting to see how it develops and transforms the recruitment industry.

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