Talent Management in a difficult economy, don’t get caught unprepared

star.jpgIn an economy that is already under pressure from various contributing factor talent management is becoming more and more important. Fundamentally, talent acquisition and personnel development are changing dramatically in the light of huge jumps in connectivity through social networks as ways to find jobs and learn from others.

Most companies will tell you that "our people drive the business" or "our people are our company's human capital." However, the problem is that most companies stop at the superficial level. They understand the value of their IT staff but don't actually develop programs to address the problem of keeping their best people and finding more to further accelerate their growth. The bottom line is that with the recent war on talent you need to overhaul everything and develop completely different and much more powerful talent management tools, strategies, and approaches.

Employee Development is more than seminars
The organizations that are able to recognize that to really develop their employees are more than just sending them on a seminar every month, are the ones that understand real talent management. Those are the organizations where people really want to work. Most people also believe that talent management is only for big corporates but you can do initiatives even in small companies that are actually very effective.

Talent Management is not an HR problem
Although HR plays an important role in the talent management process it's actually the leaders that are at the core of the problem. At most growing companies HR is always under pressure and under staffed which means that at best talent management is considered another item on their long list of duties and not a real priority. Some companies have HR experts who are tasked with only developing and building programs for talent selection, talent management, and motivation. However, this is more the exception than the rule.

For a tree to grow it needs to be pruned regularly
Too many organizations have important leadership positions filled with mediocre leaders— taking up slots that could be filled by other talented people reporting to them. Organizations might be reluctant to let them go because of the cost of letting them go or based on sentimental notions of loyalty. Yet, top talent won't suffer fools gladly. Organizations need to remove poor performers clogging the talent system or find a different spot for them that plays to their strengths but let others take over key positions and do a better job.

You shouldn't neglect the issue of talent selection, retention, and motivation in your company for too long. You only have to go through the experience of trying to replace a "star" once to know what I mean. However, if you are in a position where you are looking for new IT staff to replace a recent 'star' that left your company, we can assist. Contact Communicate Recruitment we specialise in IT recruitment. We are able to recruit a variety of IT specialists ranging from developers to architects, consultants in CRM and ERP, through to project managers and systems engineers.
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