Top technology trends for 2019

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technology trend is one with substantial disruptive potential and on the verge of breaking out as an emerging state into wider impact and use. With that said, here are some technology trends we think will dominate in 2019.

We have all heard about blockchain and truth is, it is too complicated for lay people to understand and use right now. Blockchain is a peer-to-peer network of interconnected computers for storing data or information which can't be modified or stolen by anyone. The South African Reserve Bank, Vodacom and MTN are among companies that are testing blockchain technology in South Africa. Naomi Snyman, Blockchain Lead at Standard Bank said that if we think about how the internet started; we did not understand why we needed it or how it even works but it has completely revolutionised our lives, the same goes for Blockchain technology. Blockchain is expected to boom in 2019.

Yes, AI. AI will be a trend for the next few years until it becomes mainstream. By next year, at least 40% of businesses will use it for automation. This will also cause ''autonomous things'' to proliferate. Autonomous things exist across five types: robotics, vehicles, drones, appliances and agents. All these use AI to perform tasks traditionally done by humans.

5G or fifth generation mobile
5G is finally here and is expected to bring speeds between 5Gbps to 8Gbps and up to 20Gbps– compared to 4G LTE, which has a maximum throughput of 1Gbps. According to Business Insider South Africa, these kinds of speeds are expected to dramatically change what is possible to do over a cellular connection. The first rollout of a 5G network in the US is expected to start in 2019. South Africa can expect it in 2020. 5G boasts faster data transfer speeds and lower latency than 4G, along with support for more devices and improved reliability.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
The application of the Internet of Things (IoT) to the manufacturing industry is called IIoT. IIoT is considered to be one of the primary trends affecting industrial businesses today. Businesses that have embraced IIoT have seen significant improvements to safety, efficiency and profitability. This trend is expected to grow as more business adopt it.

Forbes reckon another trend is the "platform-itization" of emerging technologies, i.e blockchain as a service, VR as a service, augmented-analytics as a service, AR as a service, IOT as a service and AI as a service you get the gist.   

As a business, evaluating the latest technology trends will help you identify opportunities your organization can exploit to create competitive advantage. There are plenty other trends that are not on this list that you can leverage.

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