Technical skills every developer should master

computer-1245714_1920.jpgAs a software developer, technical skills are sought after and are a vital selling point on your resume. But as we all know, technology is changing at a rapid rate and keeping up with changes can sometimes be unrealistic. It's wise to not to get caught up in fleeting technology trends but focusing on core career skills that employers are likely to demand. Here are 3 technical skills we think you should master as a software developer.

Writing quality code
Learning programming is fun and easy, but writing a good program can be daunting. It is important for developers to learn how to properly structure code. Structuring code is critical because other people get to work with your code too, your colleagues, managers and the customers.  As a developer, you should get in the habit of learning how to write good and clean code from the get-go.

Testing code
Writing code and throwing it to a tester to find bugs and fix them is standard, quality is important. But as a developer, you should know a thing or two about testing. You should be able to test your own code before you hand it over to someone else. Always bear in mind that the goal of testing software is not to find bugs or to make software better but rather to eliminate problems that could greatly impact customers using it. Acquaint yourself with basic concepts like light box, black box and automation testing so that you understand how defects are filed in that process. 

Business skills
Any skilled software developer can develop software applications, but a great software developer is the one who apart from mastering the skills also understands the business significance of the software application. This is because technology-based processes are the primary drivers of income in many companies. Developers need to make those connections to inform their work - keeping in mind the requirements of the client, the business, being in touch with customer needs and how customers ultimately use the systems.

As a developer learning is part of the game, trends change and new technology develops every day. It is important to be able to keep up and master at the same time.

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